Triggering The Right Behaviours

Recent discoveries in neuroscience and psychology are changing our perception of humans as rational economic agents. A new, less predictable model is emerging which reveals how environment, social context and emotional state all shape consumer behaviour.

BehaviourWorks is TapestryWorks’ unique framework for evaluating and leveraging behavioural influences on human decision making at point of sale, and using behavioural understanding to drive behaviour change.

The framework features an audit checklist to evaluate online and offline retail environments, including point of sale and promotional campaigns across five key areas of behavioural triggers. Our basic audit includes in-store observation, consultancy, training and key recommendations for optimising your point-of-sale, promotions and online presence. A full audit also includes eye-tracking research and depth interviews with shoppers.

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“It was a great pleasure to have you as the guest speaker at our brainstorming session. The teams were able to develop innovative and actionable marketing plans during the second day using the SNAPP framework. I believe this new tool will be very useful in coming weeks as they further develop their brand plans.”  - Manager, Moët Hennessy

Triggering The Right Behaviours