Real business advantage comes through activating genuine insights. As every research buyer knows, collecting data is only half the story. Engaging decision makers with the results to ensure that research leads to action is what counts.

TapestryWorks creates meaningful change by ensuring key insights are always activated throughout your business.

Our structured workshops include:

  • StoryWorks for writing transformational brand stories
  • esSense for designing innovative products and services
  • IdeaWorks for developing creative thinking
  • ConsumerWorks for co-creating ideas with customers
  • SNAPP to apply psychological understanding to buyer behaviour

Drawing on our unique experience and learnings, TapestryWorks provides inspiring workshops that add value to businesses.

“It was a great pleasure to have you as the guest speaker at our brainstorming session. The teams were able to develop innovative and actionable marketing plans during the second day using the SNAPP framework. I believe this new tool will be very useful in coming weeks as they further develop their brand plans.”  – Manager, Moët Hennessy